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Server Rules

Post  REEFER007UK on Sun Nov 01, 2009 6:06 pm

* Cheating - Ban.
* Nicknames - Nicknames should be as such: Firstname_Lastname;
Offensive nicknames will be banned, if you're using a second account to fool around that's your problem.
* Revenge Killing - RK is when you return to the scene and continue fighting who just sent you to the hospital. Also prevents DMing.
* Death Match - Everyone knows what it is, and it's definitely not allowed.
* Metagaming - Using information you didn't gathered IC. e.g: The character's name.
* Powergaming - Acting like you're Rambo.
* Driving - You should always drive on the right side, if you suck at driving then drive slower. Anyone
caught driving like a retard will loose the driving license.
* Drive-by - You're only allowed to shoot inside a car when in a passenger seat.
* Bunny Hop - Jumping all over the place to move faster. You are forbidden to do this, you will get kicked or admin jailed.
* Spam - Spam is not allowed in none of the available chats.
* Flaming - If you have a personal issue with someone take it outside, we don't give a damn. If it concerns the server then report it on the forums.
* Bug abuse - If you found a bug, report it to us, don't abuse it or it'll get you banned.
* InGame Adverts - Don't
* Pub - You're not allowed to post any site other than this one ingame.
* Being AFK - Will get you auto kicked the duck deals out pain.
* Illegal Jobs - Don't even bother PM'ing admins or other players asking "where is the Gun Dealer job/Smuggler's job?'". Find it ICly, do RP to know where all those spots are.
* Language - The only language you are allowed to speak in the server is English, if you want to speak other languages, please do it by PM'ing the person in cause.

Forum Rules

* Character Accounts - You're allowed to create one forum account per character. If you want to keep things organized and reduced metagaming or keep your characters private.
* Impersonation - Impersonating characters that don't belong to you or admins will get you banned.
* Warez and porno - Don't even think about posting it here.
* Flaming - Learn to respect other members opinions, we're not asking for you to like it, just accept it and move on. If you have problems with anyone keep it outside, we don't care about it.
* Pub - Do not advertise other servers/websites in the forums.
* Language - The only language you can use around here is English.
* Avatars - You can use any
* Signatures - You can use any

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